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Monitor Archive for June 18, 1986

Did you see me get off the train with Meryl Streep?
Even if US takes off your tax deduction, IRAs won't disappear
Senator introduces tough legislation against `crack' users, makers, dealers
Kenya yanks its welcome mat for outside investors
ADR: end strife
Journey from `lament to praise'. New biography traces difficult life of poet Rainer Maria Rilke
Father's moment
Britain thwarts sanctions bid by W. Europe. EC fails to move against South Africa
Last night it rained
The Audubon Society assesses troubled state of US wildlife. Cites extinction, loss of wetlands as big problems
Move toward a `smoke free' US gains steadily
Kasparov and Karpov coming on strong as they prepare for world rematch
US offers foreign companies a `gold card' to help speed high-technology trade
A film going along for the ride, tracking teens playing hooky
A wedding in Connecticut
What happens when an atomic bomb moves next door. Also: Vienna's pleasure seekers; a writer's checkered career
Good food fresh off the farm
Massachusetts Republicans lose a candidate for governor. Party in quandary as Switzler quits over military-record lies
Soviets unveil shift on `star wars'
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman -- sort of
Keeping the aid to Ethiopia coming
Mideast scenario: Israel-Syria war would have wide impact
Israeli official sizes up Syrian threat. Possible Syria-Iraq thaw poses no immediate danger, defense chief says
Guide to Beethoven's notebooks is a sort of musicological Michelin
Your Home Mortgage. How unseen investors generate funds to keep home loans flowing
Low-profile shotmaker Raymond Floyd puts sheen on career with US Open win