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Monitor Archive for June 16, 1986

Our Redeemer lives!
Lady Liberty: enlightening the world
To a child, singing
`Culture thieves' filch US history
US promises aid to Haiti to ease move to democracy
Liberty -- a gift
Emergency hits hard at news media
An ode to push-button Bach
Hong Kong's China-view: dusk or dawn?
Words of advice to the Class of '86
In Taiwan, signs of political flexibility melt some cynicism
The US and Mexico must work together to stem economic crisis
Heavy metal music
Famous crystal from a `family' business
Machiavelli of nonviolence
Chicago Blues Festival showcases lively lineup of top artists
Inside traders' unfair advantage
Why Sen. Cranston is dubbed `most vulnerable Democrat'
New US-British extradition pact nears approval
`Think we should tune up?' I ask unnecessarily
Kremlin bid for cooperation in space catches US off balance
Salinger's gastronomic tour of France
Chicken-Littleism and international exchanges
Amsterdam's mayor gets tough with `get clean' campaign
Now that I have you on the phone, Mr. President . . .
A kingly tribute to chess. London exhibition by collectors reveals fascinating lore about the game
As Wall Street spins wheels, special situations take on interest
Budgetmakers lean on Reagan to accept new taxes
An artist drawing on the classics. Matta approaches `Don Quixote' with an idiosyncratic brush
West faces costly gap in satellite launch schedule. US, European failures spark search for alternatives
Europe's space agency assessing its own problems
Liberty -- as art