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Monitor Archive for June 12, 1986

Waldheim fallout
New environmental tack: development + conservation = growth
Anglo-Irish accord a route to peace, says Heckler
Neither here nor there
The Kirschners' home is a national park. For a park ranger and his family, Mt. Rainier is a big backyard
As near as the space bar
Cracks in apartheid's foundation
Panelist Feynman raps NASA
Brazil's land reform has a halting start
Supreme Court reaffirms key abortion law. Privacy rights upheld in major loss for Reagan administration
Sophisticated new `piano' for the home. Wide range of sound at the amateur's finger tips
Lessons with Thomas
Hart: US foreign policy out of date. Presidential hopeful cites rise of independent powers
The court on Baby Doe
Biographer captures history in the making
Open-air theater finds private-sector believers
US role in keeping the Western alliance strong
Hong Kong Stock Exchange goes streamlined
Rethinking space agency's role
Valuing Mexico
Idaho individualists argue their way to common ground
The royal one
What Canada sees in easing loans to Africa
Nicaragua: a siren to many foreigners. `Rucksack revolutionaries' lured by romance of struggle
A wall with a view
The theology of apartheid
A home not fit for Boston's sports kings; no playoffs in Wrigley
`Horizons' and `American Encore': keeping new music alive
Federal panel accused of pressuring stores on men's magazines. Playboy and Penthouse sue over letter naming `purveyors of porn'

Nancy Bird?
French festival highlights contemporary American writers