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Monitor Archive for May 9, 1986

CIA threat to quiet the press is challenged
Two Berlins plan 750th birthday
Travel in safety
HIS & HERS. When two households become one, something's got to give. A Kansas City designer gave one couple a fresh start, while preserving each per...
Het Loo -- an `ugly ducking' restored in the NETHERLANDS.
Hoist anchor! An adventure at sea. Escaping for a week on a windjammer.
A fistful of napkins
To our readers:
A ride on the modern-day Orient Express recalls an era of opulence
Travel Tips
Who can explain the facts about Washington fiction?
Mideast on Reagan's back burner. President leaving policy up to a Congress eyeing elections
`Absolute Beginners': musings on film musicals `Absolute Beginners': what happened to musicals?
Allies patch rift caused by Libya strike. Tacit US nod toward arms control paved way for allied unity on terrorism
School voucher debate airs on `Firing Line'
At age 10, Spanish daily has grown up with democracy
Adding a nonbuilding in Williamsburg. Walking into this art gallery is like stepping into an architectural time machine. Its entrance, a 1773 Coloni...
Taba: symbolic but pivotal Mideast snag. Israel-Egypt rift on Sinai could jeopardize peace
Guilty verdict expected next week for Yugoslav Nazi
Chocolate change
Amish Country
Marrakech whirls with sound and color when Berber nomads gather for a folk fest in MOROCCO
`Retired' politicians shouldn't be able to keep campaign funds
Reliving the 1984 presidential campaign
Redgrave stars in Renee Richards story. Performance borders on genius but falls to the level of a stunt
US and Europe: avoid Rambonomics
Sri Lankan ethnic strife troubles Tamils in the US
Sudanese kids flock to city streets. Rising numbers fuel fears they will pose a major social problem
The logos that became folk legends
The dictionary is so uplifting
Pleasant surprises await the traveler who explores the crossroads country of BELGIUM
States examine sex bias in legal system
Canada's `old' city of Winnipeg stages a comeback
FINLAND. The waterfront city of Helsinki is a lively jumping-off place for adventures in Lapland, Stockholm, and even Leningrad.
A look at Manitoba's 55 ethnic groups
Two tourist delights near Peking
Summit: Part 2
The great calculator debate. Educators disagree over their place in the classroom
Cutting it as an enterprising shirtmaker in China