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Monitor Archive for May 7, 1986

EPHESUS. Once a renowned seaport, this ancient city was also a major marketplace for the goods and ideas of six cultures. Alexander the Great, Anton...
Iran: tears of joy for would-be martyrs
How US Customs sniffs out import fakes
Fresh recipes for short-season fiddlehead greens
`Ultra' runners battle cold, heat, exhaustion in 1,000-mile race
The `terrorism summit'
Whales anger Alaska fishermen. Tolerance dissipates as man and mammal compete for same valuable black cod catch
What we say about Shakespeare, and what that says about us
Sampling plays from Britain, Israel, and Spain
Palpably spring
Europe-US: enduring link. Headlines often belie basic European approval of many US values
Peace from Chernobyl?
NASA's hiatus no boon to overseas space launchers
No job too small
Does improving a house pay off?
This is natural food?
Tracing the evolution of the bohemian life style in Paris
High-rated Swede falls to a Russian for right to play women's world champ
Celtics pride
Failing to see Halley's comet one last time
The animated life of Shamus Culhane
Philippine soldiers learn new meaning of `retreat'
What? More information?
Summit closes with economic focus. US wins support for plan to increase monetary cooperation among industrialized nations
Theater companies from around the globe on stage in Chicago. Debut of annual fest includes local troupes, too