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Monitor Archive for May 5, 1986

Don't tack too soon
Putting the talents of teens to work. Businesses lend a hand in finding summer jobs for city youth
Nuclear safety and terrorism top discussion as summit opens
Pivotal US Senate campaign revving up
New skipper urges Pirates to be aggressive; Dodgers struggling
It's time to update teacher-training methods, educators say
A woman who pioneered in researching workplace hazards
Chernobyl, Challenger: How governments deal with failure
The sea goes lap, lap, crash
Student riot deals major blow to S. Korea opposition
Rodin, once out of favor, is in again
Latest le Carr'e espionage novel traces the making of a spy
Problems with the King's advisers
A Chernobyl in the US? Not too likely, say scientists. Reactor containment buildings and US design reduce the risk
India's Punjab: violence spirals in wake of raid on Sikh radicals
Chernobyl and diplomacy. Soviet nuclear accident raises questions about arms policy
Chernobyl broke, investors froze; now bargain hunters watch
Social-service leave: special kind of corporate giving. Employees take paid time off for civic projects
US, Soviet journalists scrutinize each other's coverage of Chernobyl
Preserve ANZUS ties
BRITAIN. Thatcher hears base rumblings
Looking for ways to limit radiation damage to farm land. Scientists say topsoil could be be stripped, turned over, or treated
Hodding Carter III talks about television's role in government
S. Africa's black leaders near showdown over how to win control. At issue is whether negotiation with Botha regime still possible
`The sea! Fine I know the sea'
As US goes on creating jobs, Europeans may ask Reagan: `How?'
New help for Haiti
For defectors, life can be lonely
US doors opening to theatrical team. Controversial period ends for Italy's Dario Fo, Franca Rame
`Contra' aid strategy backfires on House Republicans. Failure of GOP petition drive leaves next move to Democrats
What makes news in the Soviet Union. Tradition of secrecy may block Gorbachev's goal of `openness'
What are we doing here?