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Monitor Archive for May 29, 1986

Congress is right in reviewing ethics laws, says Baker
Right as rain
`Horizons '86': new music with a theatrical touch
The Syrian connection
Say `Hello'
NATO's chemical dilemma
Sampson's play erratic; Indy will try it again; `message pitches'
Earl Wild: Waving the banner for composer Liszt. In three-concert tribute, pianist Wild points to 19th-century virtuoso's talent
South Africa government's hand seen in Crossroads upheaval
Saskatchewan scratching for a living. Both grain and oil have sagged; prairies look to wheat prices
Prison farms and gardens yield a bountiful harvest. Small acts of nurturing and tending help inmates build sturdier lives
Protestant marches: Northern Ireland's annual rite of summer
Next six months crucial for SALT II. Despite battle within Reagan administration over pact, pressures mount to keep it
For the love of music: the life of the BBC's John Amis
Profiling the international drug trade
A book about families
Strengthening a sense of family for children in need
Who is, and isn't, drafting Philippine constitution
A step for passenger safety
Agent testifies against accused spy
Moscow unsurprised by US shift on SALT II
Hero hunting
Western observer eases estimates of Chernobyl's economic toll
GOLD AND ICE. Why do miners brave the harsh conditions of northern Canada? For 611 ounces of yellow metal a day -- worth $200,000
Honduran President links peace treaty with Nicaragua reform