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Monitor Archive for May 23, 1986

British parties polish images
Designing a national teacher evaluation test
South Korea's balancing act
Soviet foreign policy focuses on test ban. Moscow sees its halt to nuclear weapons tests as a litmus test for the good intentions of the US. But Ame...
Traipsing among the Toulouses is bringing in museum dollars
The junk heaps had a certain logic
Cucchi vs. Guggenheim
Cooking up a Harlem business. Calvin Copeland has seen it all -- a closed door at the bank, a fire, a fast-food invasion -- and he'd do it all again
. . . while the St. Lawrence Seaway seeks to break out of heavy losses
Remembering the soldier
Bay State Democrats produce one surprise at their convention
Hoaxes and other wellmanaged events
France worries over Tunisia's stability
Republicans try new twist in Arkansas: a voter `lottery'
Panel draws bold outlines for future of US manned spaceflight. But some wonder if Congress, President, public will fill in picture
Sons duel famous fathers at Indy 500. Andrettis, Unsers will take green flag Sunday
Memphis geometry and American high tech: Scandinavia goes international
House OKs trade bill with distinct Democratic stamp. Though not last word, it is likely to influence Senate
`Roanoak': clash of cultures
Drug war goes airborne. Better radar, aircraft sought for nabbing smugglers
Forthright essays reveal the world according to Podhoretz
A date was set for `discovering' the stone
Fifteen years of quenchless curiosity
Libya as a model: S. Africa has cited it -- will Israel?
Monday holiday blues
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Landslide win in Dutch vote
Carnegie plan attracts broad support.
Congressman pushes for reform of `anti-family' welfare policy
Unworldliness and peace
Interview: Kohl confident he'll outlast wave of nuclear concern
Arms control and the Emperor's clothes
US shift to Asia trade steps up port competition . . .
Sleek, simple designs regain favor in the United States
Africa will gain world's ear, but probably not more aid
Film documentaries with a poetic touch