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Monitor Archive for May 16, 1986

US-Israeli pressure on Syria: calculated effort
Scrap ANZUS?
In a high-flying industry, `balance' counts, too
Deaver faces conflict-of interest hearings in House
Forays into the world of science fiction and fantasy
Hazy future for US missiles
A periscopic stretch
Calgary, Montreal come from well back to reach hockey's Stanley Cup finals
Reliving Perot's 1979 rescue. Lancaster, Crenna star in Rambo-like miniseries
Shortage of low-income housing in US worsens
Press Moscow for emigration
Restoring the historic richness of a neighborhood. From paint, decay, and ashes come elegant mid-price homes
Putting your money in a fund: it's investing in a reputation
`The chances for peace'
A Ginnie Mae fund undaunted by rate outlook
Spotlight on terrorism shifts to Syria. But US shows it's not ready to do unto Syria what it did unto Libya
TV: women speak out about the arms race
Office developers, phone firms hook up to offer broad services
MANIPULATION OF THE MEDIA. A free people needs a free press. But terrorism needs a propaganda platform. So the news media face a dilemma: Is it poss...
Dominican vote: personalities over issues. Next president faces high unemployment, inflation
So much for the Nobel Peace Prize
Broaden the mandate for nuclear safety
After years of rapid growth, Texas colleges face budget crunch. Linking education to economic future, panel studies university system
Bay State benefits from having its judges appointed for life
SEC aims high in crackdown on insider trading
Mulroney, back in Canada, may wish he had left someone minding the store
Prospects for the smaller fund: greater opportunity and risks
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
All embraced
Mutual funds evolve into more variety
To define goals, pin down definitions
US cool to latest Gorbachev strategy on nuclear weapons. Says he is just trying to dodge Chernobyl flak
Israeli Army film: warts-and-all view of itself
Despite the name, `junk bonds' aren't a ride to the poorhouse
Peru's rebels expand attacks to border area. Offensive poses direct challenge to President's anti-insurgency plan
Ginnie Mae's largess may grow smaller
`The Wheel of Fortune' has us spinning
Discouraging excessive liability claims
Designers bring romantic and traditional touches to big-city living. Elegant townhouse display benefits NYC boys' club
Silence broken
`Kindness' uses comedy approach in parable about outsiders
American volunteers in Malawi: they're the cream of the Corps