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Monitor Archive for May 1, 1986

20 whiffs of baseball
A model home in Tokyo touts US lumber
Congress tackles ethics reform. Bill would limit lobbying by former `insiders'
Would you like a cookie or a stamp?
Europe angered by Soviet secrecy over accident. Gorbachev's image suffers as result
Changes that alter, not dismantle, apartheid
Director Miller demands fresh approach to classics
O'Neill -- with accent on pace, humor. Lemmon in central role of theatrical masterpiece
Honda's Acura division delivers a `driver's car'
Fallout from Chernobyl
Mostly rural Malawi's emphasis on farming pays rich dividends
CBS's flashy, chic `West 57th' is TV's answer to People magazine
California initiative is US bellwether on liability-law reform
Deadline nears for saving US defense alliance with N. Zealand
Cayuga geese
Britain's spring of discontent
The lost farm in a corner of childhood
How the U-2 crisis chilled superpower relations
`Child Alice': fantasy tale turned symphonic event
Island post
They're tuned up to sing in harmony at Tokyo summit
A US educator whose work is venerated in China
What it means for the nation
Lack of specifics from Soviets leads to 2 theories about how crisis began
Terrorism in 1886
John Alwood builds trust -- in class, at home. Raising children or calming a hostage, he uses reason, kindness
Collection box
Bo Jackson headliner of NFL draft; striking pitching effort
From managing conflict to healing it
Oxfam plants $3 million in loan seed money in minority banks. Agency hopes move will bring in more funds to aid US poor
Reagan may not find balmy Bali so restful after all. Differences, interdependence mark US-ASEAN ties
Chicago's Mayor Washington triumphs in `Council Wars'
Business investment in faith, tolerance