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Monitor Archive for April 9, 1986

Gurney kicks up his heels in new comedy. `The Perfect Party' arrives with `Lonely Street' and `Daughters'
First vacation
Pasta, pigs' feet, Parma hams. From Avocado to Ziti in Bolognese market
Talking into the sunset
5 p.m.
Naturalist's plea: include environment in Latin debt issue. Scramble to pay debts may worsen environmental woes
There's some `give' on plastic credit. Here and there, banks and S&Ls are easing off on sky-high rates
No firm date yet, but summit door is left open. Reagan-Dobrynin meeting was `very constructive'
Shedding new light on an old crime
Prohibition in Alaska's bush. Villagers, tired of drinking crime and violence, push for option to ban alcoholic beverages
The traffic in Stingers
New Strauss releases
Auto insurer starting a big `carrot' for sober, accident-free driving
Small-town group builds toward global goal of decent housing
Zesty herbs. It's the season for fresh seasonings
Fresh herb oils, vinegars, and butters perk up age-old recipes
You are what you're not -- participially speaking
Peace and our concept of man
Terrorism -- and the Qaddafi sideshow
Rookies in big-league frying pan; brother hurlers pursue mark
S. Korea riper than ever for democracy? Analyst cites strong economy, maturing political opposition
Press credibility
N. Ireland police under siege. Protestant extremists try to thwart accord
Spring seen
At home with Fragonard
White South Africans catch rare glimpse of black upheaval. Anguished response to photos shows whites' isolation from turmoil
Indonesian hotel prepares `Bali Hi' for Reagan's visit
South Africa's antiwar movement: small but growing
Melding hoedown, boxing match, county fair
Protecting South Africa's fledgling grass-roots democracy
Steady signals on job safety