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Monitor Archive for April 4, 1986

Experts: better air security possible. Closer check of bags, passengers suggested
Choices for children.
Israeli Arabs shift focus to equal rights. Nationalism, land expropriation now have lower priority
Home fix-up
Exploring the world of the loon
Spy fiction. How to seed a bloodless revolution in the USSR
From racism to reconciliation
Now in paper
Portraits of cultural celebrities. The casualness of her photographs was an illusion
Vibrant as at the beginning
`Ought to be somebody going out'
Wanted: black schoolteachers. Importance of classroom `role models' debated
New `Hot Mikado' passes up operetta's charm
Can Bay State GOP convention provide spark to ignite party?
India's Punjab quieter, but tensions deepen. Sikh-Hindu feelings of insecurity, distrust of police rise
A type of `blindness'. Why the US press failed to uncover the Nazi Holocaust
Greek officials ponder consequences of jet bombing
A Scottish tomboy goes to war
Co-op is window on the world for crafters from Carolina hills
US officials review plans to make it easier for people fleeing East bloc to gain asylum
US, Japan flex muscle under Soviet's nose in northern Japan
`Ginger & Fred' -- closer to dusk than dawn
East-bloc regimes look for ways to keep young people in line. Officials fear there's more interest in rock music than ideology
Europe's `unwanted'. Modern-day refugees: dealing with the tide
Book briefs. The latest in current affairs.
Prospects for Reagan-Gorbachev summit brighten. News items undercut views of arms control naysayers
Getting an ear for books. Audiocassettes pose a new way to `read'
A family's voyage to freedom
Sex, violence: what impact? TV special offers many opinions, few solutions
Insights into a religious thinker. He didn't settle for `cheap grace'
China's living stones tell their story
Japan debates Soviet military buildup. Discussion centers on how serious Soviet threat is
`The Father hath not left me alone'
Post-Vietnam awakening. Black veterans come home
Not-by-the-book cooking. Chef's motto: `What this world does not need is another meatloaf!
S. African moderates seek to set example for power-sharing
Editor's Choice
Pentagon official pushes for more MXs
Taiwan set for collective rule
INTERNATIONAL LAW. As the US shifts position on key legal issues, critics say the administration is eroding support for international law. Others ar...