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Monitor Archive for April 25, 1986

Spiritual warfare and peace
Sensitive drama explores racial prejudice in Vietnam era
Terrorism stirs up little fear among Europeans, in contrast to Americans
No figure skater has a big edge as '88 Olympic countdown begins
WATCH IT! High-tech, high-art wrist fashions (that tell time, too)
Last view of four
`Legend' may signal end of fantasy era. Fairy tale as icy artifact
On building up terrorism
Beacon Hill lawmakers should not twist rules to fit their fancy
Hong Kong is target of numerous campaigns to lure its citizens away
The week of damage control. After squabbling over Libya, US and Europe both give a little
Texas rises and falls, but Josie carries on
Two new mysteries for suspense fans
How do we know what's going on?
Farmers produce more, but get less
Madison Avenue turns its attention to all the mergers it's involved in
Pumping plastic? Workout programs for the kindergarten set
A `quiet revolution' in higher education: learning by TV
Doubts on US economy curtail buying the engines of industry
NEOMEDIEVAL. From Pritzker winner Gottfried B"ohm -- a striking fusion of past and present
Deciding who is a farmer
Wine scandal in Italy threatens key agricultural export