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Monitor Archive for April 2, 1986

Municipal bond investors hunt shelter. Shivers from US tax proposals point to shift in tax-free strategies
Louisville affirms place as college basketball's team of the '80s
Faulty eviction policy
After decade of unimagined prosperity, Kuwaitis yearn for good old ways
A fine press's portrait of Thoreau. YBP edition is notable for its commentary as well as its design
`What are you doing, Miss Abouelfadel?'
Soviets not prepared to give up on proposed summit over nuclear test ban
Familiar themes, plots in latest collection of Colwin stories
Vanishing rain forest. Many experts blame the destruction of the Amazon rain forest on misguided policies and government incentives which make it pr...
Caviar for the common folk
Edible Stems Unit seeks experienced rhubarb consultant
Sparing the home front from CIA manipulations
EXOTIC VEGETABLES. What's a calabaza, and how do I cook it?
This chap hits the mark on economic forecasts by gauging interest futures
Cagney: tough on screen, gentle off
City service shuffle in London carries political overtones
Rights groups fear new housing rule fosters discrimination. But HUD says US not required to offer housing to illegal aliens
Safe in God's care
She fans the word
Shows with gags and awesome jugglery dodge vaudeville label
Urban mass transit faces declining federal funds
Japanese government faces inquiry on misuse of aid to Marcos
The Nicaraguan initiative: Will it work?
Application for a new view, indeed
Manila: for now, it's a Philippine honeymoon