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Monitor Archive for April 18, 1986

Farming the inner-city soil
Arthur Burns counsels lower interest rates, standing pat on yen
Elegant `barging' through the waterways of Holland
Travel Tips. Volunteer service overseas . . . deluxe African safaris . . . crawl into the saddle at a dude ranch
A memorable garden tour of Scotland
New/old themes emerge in furniture designs
US raid on Libya: it's a tossup on who won. Reagan won points at home, Qaddafi won greater Arab backing
Tucson trial verdict key to future of sanctuary movement
Restructuring education at a Harlem school
Welcome action on acid rain
Classic Tour du Mont Blanc: backpacking with a difference
In interview, Weinberger elaborates on US attack on Libya. He also says Libya was convenient excuse for Soviets to cancel talks
The cat statute (soon to be repealed)
Charming but inexpensive Paris hotels
Proposed Canadian TV link would offer US better view of northern neighbor. Cable station would offer a 24-hour-a-day flow of programs, films
Japan depicted as far from Utopian
Ireland's charming inns and small hotels
Powis Castle. A taste of 13th-century grandeur in Wales
Coming-of-age story about a Rose in the desert
E. German leader praises nation's economic progress. But Honecker is more reserved on foreign policy issues
The dog that knew too much
Poles who risked their lives to rescue Jews
Vernon Walters finds it hard to keep low profile
Switzerland's capital is a city of geraniums, stone houses, and unhurried people-watching
Political temperature lowers in Libya. But Col. Qaddafi makes it clear that his messianic devotion to world revolution continues
Bid by Jesse Jackson in `88 could skew result of South's superprimary. Jesse Jackson may star in South's superprimary
Finding soft answers that turn away wrath at annual meetings
An English bed-and-breakfast circuit. A driving trip becomes an economical day-to-day adventure
Why can't Massachusetts Republicans get their act together?
Bean soup and marriage
Basketball's on-call worker; Minneapolis's misdubbed dome
ADOBE. Humble blocks have grand potential to house world's poor
`Our country, right or wrong'
Travel clubs offer cheap seats
On stage: Versatile talent transcends a minimal setting
Transatlantic OTC traders joining hands
Economy bursts into life