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Monitor Archive for April 15, 1986

HUMANITARIAN AID. US doctors, dentists, and veterinarians help residents of Honduras's remote mountain villages
The Monet room
Reagan's dual signal: for Gorbachev and far right
Tracing evolution of our double planet. Fossils record time when moon was closer, and year had 435 days
Stockman: why `revolution' failed
Organized crime on the rise among Soviet 'emigr'es in US
Suburban spring
Buying a family piano: don't just fall for a sleek silhouette
'Gators and snakes and turtles -- wild stars of PBS special
US keeps allies and Libya guessing. But passing time may narrow Reagan's options
Zagreb: tourists enjoy even misty days. Yugoslavia's second-largest city seen by some as a cultural capital
`My burden is light'
Baby-boomers' future may need some attention to live up to the dream
To David Stockman, `Reagan revolution' never had a chance. Former budget aide describes `impressionist' economic policy
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Frederick Law Olmsted on designing Central Park
Secret UN file accuses Waldheim of war crimes in Yugoslavia
Vancouver's Expo 86 cheered by ticket pace
Problems persist for Israeli Cabinet. Coalition survives but image is badly tarnished
Burger sees fund-raising troubles ahead for Constitution's birthday celebration
Henze flirts with melody in opera `English Cat'
Spain shows how peaceful methods can ease terrorist threat
Blacks take tougher stand. Key S. African activists call for increased protest
Libya and NATO
Nakasone `committed' to improved trade. But he calls for US economic reforms to lower deficit, dollar
Mike Thaler's secret: riddles are educational
Rookie skipper at ease in Yanks' hot seat
Spate of books indicates new wave of interest in Hemingway
Putting the poor in business -- for $50. US couple sows 3rd-world wealth
Big companies' new flings with fledglings. They still go after high-tech, but now they don't smother the nest