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Monitor Archive for March 28, 1986

Achieving peace
Managua's likely motives: avoid dialogue, justify internal policies
Where hummingbirds matter
Should 4- and 5-year-olds be in school? Yes, optional public preschool is essential
The preschool dilemma: What quality? At what price?
Stalin's imprint on Soviet Union is still visible today
Honduran reticence, Nicaraguan denials cloud `contra' issues. Contras too sensitive to discuss in Honduras
At this kindergarten, the work is play
Hepburn adds spice to TV drama
DUTCH MASTERPIECES. While their palace home in The Hague is being renovated, a selection of 60 paintings is on display at the Grand Palais in Paris
Reproductions. Skillful furniture lookalikes bring the design and craftsmanship of earlier times to today's homes
Qaddafi's record
Should 4- and 5-year-olds be in school? No, youngsters need care, not schooling
Ivy Leaf preschool nurtures reading
Newsmagazines spruce up for a showdown
Latest indictments open can of worms for Koch and N.Y.C.. Documents sprinkled with charges of `political patronage'
Japan's big job shuffles swell `bachelor' ranks
US maneuvers end in Gulf of Sidra; fleet takes up `standby' position
CDA program helps raise standards for day care instructors
Toddler workouts: education or fun?
World-class astronomy from Don Parker's rooftop
Public separates Libya and Nicaragua. Citizen's support of focused US military action does not extend to wider uses of force

A head start on first grade for disadvantaged kids
Home fix-up
Peking's lesson
1988's Mega-Super Tuesday. Backers say Southern regional primary can steer Democratic Party farther to the right
S. Africa newspaper pays price for criticizing government. Editor's efforts to encourage dialogue result in thicket of legal problems
New Texas prekindergarten program could be a pace setter
Final Four converge on Dallas for NCAA hoop showdown
Clarifying the issues on Nicaragua
S. American rebels losing ground. Rise of democracy in region one factor in decline of insurgencies
A Dutch official tiptoes past the tulips to sell Americans on industrial ventures
Helping parents become more skilled as a child's first educator