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Monitor Archive for March 24, 1986

Spies, terrorists & US border
Boston jazzfest brought some great sounds, plus questions about what jazz is
Talk with a family planner
Undergraduate entrepreneurs learn about business on the job
`Execution of Justice' echoes 1979 case. Pair of San Francisco crimes analyzed in courtroom drama
For many Kenyans, the road to riches is paved with politics. Corruption among officials is growing steadily
Steps needed to keep minor slowdown from becoming a recession
She wishes US `blue sky, bright sun, peace'
Dick Francis returns to his winning combination
The mariner
Peace at home
Color this Georgia home town purple
Singapore tries growth strategy to fight recession, lower-wage Asian competitors
Excel gets bumpy start, but US car buyers still hear it coming
Handling of IRA terrorist suspect further strains Anglo-Irish relations
Bulgaria's veteran leader appears set for another term
Meteoric rise not expected of Astros; Mauch on managing flair
Marcos seeks elusive haven as probers close in
A wind from the south
New Zealand hopes France's new regime will warm relations
Behind the wheel of the new Excel
The faces of Ulla
Second hand Proust
Noodle wars: Japanese pastamakers take on the Italians
Heirs of original Ponzi scheme can still fleece the unwary
PBS series follows path of American architecture
Making war less attractive: space self-defense zones
Investment scams multiply, with assist from bull market, enforcement cutbacks
N.Y.C. bill on gay rights caps 15-year debate. Opponents of council vote say they'll quickly work for repeal
College admissions: yes, no, maybe
Fed official quits; didn't get backing as next chairman
Warming up to our own