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Monitor Archive for March 21, 1986

Wanted by the FBI: your help. Along with high-tech tools, it relies on `He went that-a-way!'
Tanzanians doubt `former' leader Nyerere will bring reform
Lots of letters to help choose an IRA
Alaskans fume over US-Japan fishing agreement; criticize use of drift nets
Mitterrand, Chirac hammer out accord for rule of France. President to run foreign policy, premier to run domestic side
Quotable quotes
New England spring
Turning the tables on professors. Faculty `master learners' join students
Young Afghan represents new breed of guerrilla leader
New Wilson play updates Euripides
The acid rain summit
Reagan loses first round in `contra' aid vote
God's love is universal
Fred Grandy says `goodbye, Hollywood, hello, Hartley, Iowa'
For comet buffs, a wealth of facts about Halley's
`Rolling back' Soviet gains
The Republicans: foreign policy forte
For 120 years The Nation has enlivened political debate. Started by abolitionists, `leftist' weekly still relishes gadfly role
Diplomacy and Scripture
Bigger risks come with stocks and bonds in self-directed IRAs
Clip wings on Marcos hoards
A theater for `professional amateurs'
We dreamed of bursting lettuce and bounding beets
As IRAs grow, savers take on investments -- and new risks
Business swings into action for debate on Tax Reform, Part 3
`Star wars' takes shape as tests move from lab to field
The `illusion' of arms control
Home Fix-up
Changes possible in some basic rules
Banks fight for their share of retirement accounts
McKinney weathers a trying year with US women's ski team
Principles of foreign policy. Keys to stronger defense. A strong suspicion of the Soviet Union and the need for preeminent US military strength are...
Upcoming events in Wall-to-Wall series
Falling oil prices squeeze the profit from US producing wells
Young hobbyists, your mailbox is full of collectibles
Next month: Financial planning
Southern states innovate to save jail space
Professional standards for providers of day care. Need for better skills and training seen
The delights of early American spring
Dried teasels, green thoughts
S. Koreans warned about military buildup in North. Questions raised on whether buildup constitutes threat