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Monitor Archive for March 20, 1986

Religion and politics: an unpredictable mix In many nations, religious activism is a growing force for change. Clerics of many persuasions are using...
The new professional majority
Handle with care
Overcoming the dread of disease
Household products and laboratory animal testing
The high cost of protectionism and what can be done about it
Illinois's fractured Democrats. Offbeat results of Tuesday's primary show just how deep split is
Affirmative action at a crossroads. Reagan administration steers toward case-by-case approach
Fragile hold
No. 1 fear in Lima: kidnapping. Crime wave hurts business confidence in indebted Peru
One Indian official's strategy to improve women's lot
Bold production brings an English opera to US
Basketball underdogs in showdown; Rinaldi a young `old pro'
German farmers egged on
Terrorism and `intentional ignorance'
President and premier: uneasy marriage
Washington's peace: disarm Palestinians
One alternative: `cruelty free' products
Keith Jarrett and friends `tune in' together for some rare jazz magic
Did US lean on Mexican newspaper?
Museveni now controls most of Uganda, but divisions remain
The voice of a friend
Universities use stronger tactics as apartheid protests spread