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Monitor Archive for March 19, 1986

US, Scandinavia even things out on an Icelandic chessboard
Don't toss old Saudi news
New `Mystery!' miniseries trails quaint upper-class sleuths
A trio of elegant English novels for the Anglophile reader
Business morality
Composer Diana McIntosh revels in media collages
Cultural and social precepts. Religious right optimistic
Excerpts from `Samurai and Silk'
After abortive coup attempt, Ecuador is stable -- for now
The best gift

Black mayor leads Bull Connor's city into new era
Ireland's popular new party breaks mold of Irish politics
A theater reborn. The Pasadena Playhouse, renowned in its heyday but closed for 20 years, is about to reopen
Home refinancing can save money -- or buy a new kitchen
Citrus marmalades that go easy on the sugar
Air traffic control: getting there from here safely
American fare for British palates. Bob Payton takes pizza, ribs, and pecan pie to London and beyond
Champion runner Grete Waitz approaches a fork in her road
Magazines under the ocean. Company in Ireland serves American publishers
Yes, we have no bananas. But Florida growers do have lychees and atemoyas
Mechanized rickshaws: answer to Bangladesh's traffic problems?
Catalogs for all seasons
Oil squeeze forces British to propose cautious '86 budget. But '87 tax breaks expected in the run up to next election
Odyssey of Japan, odyssey of a woman. An evocative, personal search for meaning in life and history