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Monitor Archive for March 18, 1986

The night the earth went through the comet's tail
New Canadian gold mine is rich prize in high-stakes court ruling
Europe looks to future and sees greater risk-taking, innovation
Pinochet's long-term prospects in question. US deals damaging blow to Chilean leader
Arbitration -- disposing of the Marcoses' millions
Short-season tomato thrives in the far north's colder clime
States debate energy-efficiency standards for home appliances
World Bank: Conable's turn
Arresting stray thoughts
Kauai: Hawaii's own garden of Eden
Breakfast with Reagan
Punch & Judy diplomas: puppeteers get serious
Conservative trailblazer looks back -- and also offers some strong advice
Conservatism's new look
Enforcement of civil rights laws called `piecemeal'. But administration refutes charges of haphazard investigations
Curried konnyaku, you say?
The Philippines' once-dominant party scrambles to regroup
US firms in South Africa band together against apartheid
Will Reds' resurgence under player-manager Rose continue?
Cheaper videocassette movies push sales to the edge of a boom
New Peter Shaffer play is profound but lacks punch
Taxing times
Filipino military rides popularity wave. But key task is to maintain people's support, officers say
Two new symphonic works stand out at Carnegie Hall
Night visitor
East-West German trade prospers
Tips on tomato growing
Klompen carver
Literature for professionals. Judges, legislators head to class at Brandeis U.
The life and friends of Sir Alec Guinness
At the Intersection
Edmund Halley praises Sir Isaac Newton
Recklessness and deceit in Britain's nuclear industry