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Monitor Archive for March 13, 1986

New sci-fi titles span genre's history
. . . but surge in stock market looks to be long lasting
Scientists on nuclear winter
Europeans face North American challenge at skating summit
Has road to adulthood suddenly gotten longer?
The Parisian museum that makes people happy
Older workers valued
Teacher tests
Kremlin's top-ranking woman: warm, confident
Sounding out the sonic frontier
Despite thaw with EC, Turkey unlikely to join soon
A modern Dickens writes about returning to the land . . .. . . of her great-grandfather
Early retirement: keeping the options open
The moment for refinancing
Deficit fuel-hardiness
Nicaragua: the right questions
Israel-US ties: never better. Israel and the United States now have the best relationship they have had in years. That extraordinary degree of coope...
Australian outback ready to cash in on Halley's return
Why `Shoah' didn't shock W. Germany like film `Holocaust'
Economic records tell two stories. Dismal figures pressure Congress to act on trade. . .
70-year delay
Children having children is `not just somebody else's problem'
Panel attacks Britain's beleaguered nuclear industry
Congress appears headed toward tax hike, defense cuts. Bipartisan pressure put on Reagan by budgetmakers
Iran scores gains in war with Iraq. But observers puzzled why Iran hasn't pressed its advantage
Pakistan's interest-free-banking law is still adjusting to the profit motive