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Monitor Archive for March 12, 1986

A fresh look at Irish foods
Crisp linen. Breezy seersucker. Long-wearing cotton. Cool comfort is what designers are striving for in their '86 sportswear collections.
Pressure renewed for immigration reform. Rodino, Simpson enlist President for new push
Comfort in times of tragedy
Ambassador Dobrynin says goodbye
In-box follies: the day's office mail
Objective look at Israel's `siege mentality'
Violence surges with alien influx. Border violence is worsening as more illegal aliens pour into the US. This has increased pressure to reform laws...
Designers views on fashions trends. Eleanor Lambert, a fashion leader for more than half a century and creator of the renowned Coty Awards (consider...
Kevin Kline shines in weak `Hamlet'
France's hostage crisis. In heat of election campaign, kidnappings highlight ambiguities in foreign policy
`First, this word from our sponsor . . .'
Quotable quotes
John Wooden's view from retirement on basketball, discipline
GM using shutdowns and layoffs to offset impact of low sales
A friend of Gerard Manley Hopkins is turned down in her application for an American Express gold card
The House on Dorchester Hill
The fabrics are grosgrain and brocade; the styles are flat to high-high; the colors are brights and pastels -- everything from pale pink and yellow...
Marcos faces growing assault on his alleged US financial assets
Public money well spent
Soft-sell humor, brought to you by Bob & Ray
Gorbachev: a `reformer' not yet leading a `crusade'
Invisible weights on US competitiveness
Robert Wilson: orchestrator of theatrical images. In his hands, the stage becomes a slowly shifting kaleidoscope
Leaving lack behind
A Touch of Romance
When the maple sap is running, spring isn't far behind
On the runways, a return to CONTOURS
Portraiture as theater. Sir Joshua Reynolds The artist's subjects often became fancy-dress figures from history and mythology as Joshua Reynolds (17...
Spain comes unglued over vote. Consensus falls apart on NATO question
Extra care with '85 taxes can help limit errors, boost refund
Gains for French rightists. National Front's campaign blames immigrants for unemployment and crime
Balancing the US budget: Act 2. Congressional backers of constitutional amendment say time ripe
Saigon, 1975 -- and the `Philippine syndrome'
Curves go to your head. This spring's fuller, feminine look starts at the top, with longer, more traditional hairstyles using new cutting and permin...
Soviet leader Gorbachev expected to meet the Pope later this year
Daytime dressing
With US aid, Sandinistas can be pressured, `contra' leader says. In interview, Robelo laments Congress's `yo-yo' commitment