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Monitor Archive for February 6, 1986

`Star wars'and its effect on arms control. The US faces several policy choices over how to proceed with President Reagan's Stategic Defense Initiati...
Aquino emotional appeal confronts Marcos machine
Korea's Olympic tug of war; Stanford student eyes skating title
Teachers and parents as partners. Various schools pull moms and dads into classroom activities and curriculum planning
Boston University's eclectic archive is a mirror of our times
Soviet entry into Afghanistan
Fresh perspectives
Will Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet have a home to return to?
Not bounded by a business suit
Reagan administration's `new' farm policy mostly more of same. One strategy is to set aside large amount of cropland
Peanut farmers to others in US: `Try our program of price, supply controls'
Before take-off
Better than private lessons
Salvador's Army moves civilians in effort to oust rebels
Body language
Stately, luxurious `Sleeping Beauty'. Sadler's Wells treats US to the riches of superb classic dance
Filipino Catholic Church within inches of endorsing Aquino
Federal nutrition program: motherhood shortchanged?
King Hussein, the PLO, and `self-determination'
Brasilia moves to become more livable
What's wrong in Haiti, and why US can do little
Concern over terrorism cuts visits by Americans to European tour meccas
Rise of Nazism traced in drama/newsreel film hybrid
Men still go for meat-'n'-potato menus
When school ends, does boredom begin?
Administration morality and free-market immigration
What's wrong with US news media, and why reform is urgent
The woman behind Laura, Mary, and Mary
Reagan's budget for '87. White House spending plan stakes out tough bargaining position with Congress on deficit
Belt on '87 budget tightens around nondefense programs