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Monitor Archive for February 27, 1986

Europe and US: managing differences. Europeans admire the United States, though they don't always get along with it. They agreed last year to mute d...
Toyota and Nissan court the sports car buyer
Presenting the right image of ourselves
Zone out porn
Only to one and one
News from home
Award-winning W. German film irks left and right
Standing against genocide
Congress budget watchdog says Reagan underestimates deficit
Abe Lincoln
US-Romania ties under fire due to Bucharest's rights record
Popular star of `Rhoda' returns to the TV screen as `Valerie'
Brows furrow as US trading partners watch dollar's value fall
Japan welcomes Reagan's latest arms control offer
Geraldine Page stars in Maugham's `The Circle'
Nicaragua-Costa Rica pact awkward for US
Alan Paton visits the changing American South
Social responsibility: the role of the university
US views Gorbachev. Analysts note more somber tone in Soviet leader's party congress speech
Cross-country peace march is a family affair
Manila's message for Seoul
Biography shows Smith's life through his own lens
Confetti, car horns, and balloons in Manila
Mesquite: hot stuff with home and restaurant chefs
Celtics sitting pretty; baseball old-timers' games proliferate
Egypt riots raise doubts about Mubarak's authority