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Monitor Archive for February 24, 1986

Playing Playing the Soviet Union's INF game
Manhattan school weaves `ethics' into learning fabric
Politics of South Africa
Gorbachev frowns on East-bloc economic ties with the West
States vs. Indian bingo. Tribes set up gambling operations to replace federal funding; states want to tax proceeds
Report card for US schools
The greening of Oregon's industry. As state's logging has rebounded, Silicon Forest is also sprouting
Racers hit Alaska trail on skis, snowshoes
The all-important job hunt: how parents can help
Marcos regime totters following revolt of loyalists. Troops' retreat raises doubts about their loyalty to President
Stance on US at core of W. German opposition party politics
Analysis that heals
I came to think of 6581 as a friend
Tied up
After 14 years, Manila Times' return is welcomed by many
S. Africa breathes easier on debt issue, but sees little relief from township unrest
Dire Straits: low-key but climbing
Rocky, Rambo, and the American mood
US wants a laureate, but is that poetic justice?
Grenada and other Caribbeans
Israel halts effort to find soldiers in face of Shiite resistance
Marcos regime totters following revolt of loyalists. But Philippine President appears ready to battle it out to the bitter end
Quiet labor leader stimulates militancy of Argentine unions
Atwood's tale of future shock -- feminist-style
Hit farce of 1937 is back
Americans with no place to put down roots
The bike was kaput