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Monitor Archive for February 20, 1986

Congress likely to tighten rein on NASA. Lawmakers weigh slower launch schedule vs. cost of new orbiter
Spiritual consistency
Haiti casts shadow over Grenada meeting
See you tomorrow in Morrow
A show that shouts with its artists' good intentions
Soviet's third-world recipe has worked so far, but isn't foolproof
Courts walk fine line between adult rights and concern for young
As Philippines descends deeper into recession, Reagan's leverage increases
Best seller by Heinlein is a genuine disappointment
Major terrorist incidents of 1985
Marcos's power base eroding The Philippine President's grip on power is loosening. Once-supportive institutions are defecting, the economy is slidin...
Kiff's good humor
Reagan steps up drive for national security
Natalie's poetry drawer
Journey of stones
`Great Blacks in Wax' museum aims to institutionalize black history
Fed to hold steady on money supply.
LAPLAND. A remote people struggles to preserve its culture
News In Brief
Saudi Arabia: rogue elephant of OPEC. Strategy of doubling production puts it at odds with other oil nations
If you're looking for heartwarming, search no further
Finding a response to terrorism. With the return of hijackings to the headlines, US policymakers are pondering how to respond to the fresh challenge...
Portugal's growing democracy
Boulez's gifts from Paris: a masterwork, a machine -- and possibly music's future