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Monitor Archive for February 12, 1986

Releasing Shcharansky
Time to reform RICO
Ambitious Abe
Iranians in US who rejoiced over Shah's fall now oppose Khomeini
`Second Man' is first-rate comedy The Second Man Comedy by S. N. Behrman. Directed by Thomas Gruenewald.
Reagan plan seeks to shrink welfare lines and boost the job rolls
Study shows more mothers at work
Despite Shcharansky's release, Moscow stays tough on dissidents
Celebrate the Chinese New Year with a special seafood dish
Children at work. Young Guatemalans are often viewed as extra workers in the home or the fields and as providers of income for family survival
Party of Lincoln chips away at black support for Democrats
On top of Mt. Washington, where real men eat turkey
Poem, held gingerly
Sandinistas' reported bombing of coast shatters fragile peace
A meeting
Recollections of Lincoln -- rock and fog
Accept God as your source
Shcharansky takes giant step to West. Partial victory for champion of Soviet Jews' right to emigrate
Drama over funding keeps arts community on the edge of its seat
Pitching may be Royals' trump card in year after championship
A view or a fantasy?
Aquino redoubles effort to force Marcos out
Gushers of oil
Anatoly and Avital Shcharansky: tireless fighters
Chances fade that moderate blacks will accept Botha's `reforms'
Proposed budget would hit higher education hardest. Cut of 15% would shift more funding burden onto states
The exotic fauna of Siarau's swamps
Racism rises in Italy. Arabs, Africans feel the heat in wake of recent terrorism; government moves to limit illegal aliens