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Monitor Archive for December 8, 1986

Handmade for Christmas. Presents you can make yourself.
A feast of flatware at Italy's House of Savoy
African art: overview of a tradition of decoration
Hungarian writers defy officials
News In Brief
Steady economic keel
Twist in Suriname war: ex-president joins rebels
Arms control: a stalemate, for now
SEC chief predicts merge curb on Hill
Didja hear the one about the comedian who defected?
Taiwan's new opposition party becomes force to be reckoned with
Paying medicare back for patients' hospital defaults. Cut social security checks to cover unpaid bills?
Judging an orchestra where it should feel at ease - at home
Chinese dancers a success in London
Carlucci `organizing for future'. New security adviser expected to make NSC more effective coordinator, less active in operations
A world in a bowl
2,000 by year-end? The Grinches say no
Magritte's surrealism seen gaining ground. Subtlety apparently figures in his greater critical acclaim
3rd-quarter rise in GNP is likely just a sawtooth, not a prelude to a spurt
Basketball's `Prince of Midair' soars to exciting new heights
Matabeleland: home of the brave. Farmers form posses, militias to protect their way of life
Coalitions difficult to forge in Spain's volatile Basque province. Resignation, elections add to already deep divisions
Aquino moves aide opposed by military
Israeli government likely to tighten its control over arms sales. US-Iran affair exposes dangers of lax policies
More cutbacks at General Motors may be in the offing soon. Market slippage could affect 5 plants in addition to the 11 where closures are already an...
We are not helpless
World has window of opportunity to prevent major food trade war
Eiko & Koma: the role of stillness in dance
Gifts that treat the earth with kindness
A thermos, with love
When executives blow the whistle, the echo is apt to be shrill. Those who toot on flab or fraud need strong ears and finances
A Croatian response
Sheriff's `anticrime' program raises concern that blacks are harassed. Police stop blacks traveling through white neighborhoods
British views: more sorrow than anger
An assist for Warsaw
European Council summit makes a rare show of unity. But meeting fails to tackle key problems: budget, food surplus
Antique tools: beauty, form, history
Aviation workers face regulations related to drug tests
Professor of the year. Philosophy teacher aims to teach students to think
High cost of conscience: guidelines on prudence
Squeaky floorboard? Don't tiptoe around - it's easy to fix
On stage in London
The `people's army' in the age of high-tech warfare?
Meteorologists study the portents for signs of another El Nino

Robbers, radar, and rocket sales: a parable for our time
Zimbabwe takes big step to political unity with dissident's release
Reagan heeding California advice? The President has changed course on the Iran-contra affair a number of times, most recently when he said `mistakes...
US weapons helped Iran, says Iraqi