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Monitor Archive for December 4, 1986

Policing polygraphs
Bright moments in Metropolitan's fall season
Exploring the popular music that named the ragtime era
Watching over the workplace. The issue of drug tests on the job pits deeply held notions of personal privacy against an employer's obligation to kee...
`We're losing a ship a week' in Gulf war, says tanker broker. Attacks have led to an increase in shipping insurance rates
Investors who go global find government bonds are the horse of choice
The case for giving the President a line-item veto
Fleet of sailing contenders jockey in America's Cup prelims
Nixon's presidential papers: the `raw material of history'
Paris does it again
Contras' fear of major assault by Sandinista troops subsides. Nicaraguan presence in Honduras seen having mainly political aims
When terrorism travels by diplomatic pouch
Singapore stocks zoom out of '85 bashing
Elegant idioms: the architecture and artifacts of Vienna 1900
Reagan budget cuts $50 billion. Cuts in social programs, user fees, and loan sales said to bring deficit in line with Gramm-Rudman
Revenue vs. responsibility. If newspapers don't condone smoking, why do they run cigarette ads?
Keeping track
Former Czech spy teaches ways to recognize disinformation
How the Kremlin sees the future of the US
Brazil's budding environmental ethic. Activist says disasters abroad, at home, have raised awareness
Equality and US ethnic groups
Face to face
Windowsill gardening - a few herbs and a little sunshine
Ethiopia aid workers shift focus to long term. But ability to further gains hinges on funds tied to policy shifts
The case for and against George Shultz
Crisis in athletics forces Maryland chancellor to shift his focus
In the sky of your heart
Denmark lodges protest against embassy bugging
Special counsel tools: integrity and leeway. Calls mount for granting Iran-contra prosecutor broad investigatory mandate
Not this town, not this company. When financier Sir James Goldsmith attempted to take over Goodyear, the people of Akron sent him a message
Tax reform's the law: a `Br'er Congress' tale
US-Iran flap casts pall on hostage hopes. With future US arms ruled out, kidnappers unlikely to free more hostages
Absorbing, dispassionate history of whaling in western Arctic
Using Nixon papers to track response to Vietnam protesters
Italy's Mafia trial stumbles over legal filibustering in courtroom
Looking beyond the body
Iran arms deals not likely to damage US-Israel ties. Key question is which country urged the sales
Leader of tiny, oil-rich Gabon puts his nation on financial fast. Collapse of oil prices forcing wealthy nation to cut back on affluence
Plowshares or the sword?
Guidelines for drug tests
News In Brief
Don't look for blame - fighting drugs is everybody's business.
The White House as architecture and as a home
Family life in the footlights. The Meachums
`High price' of freedom for Hungarian artists