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Monitor Archive for December 22, 1986

Keeping an eye on Vietnam
Slimming down a Chekhov play that needed it
Office ornaments
Turin `Ulisse' bored the ear, bedazzled the eye
Even fairly well-off Ecuador is joining the call for debt relief
Soviet ethnic riots reveal policy problems
Going home for Christmas?
Reagan economic era bows out; Democrats to bring on new focus
Nuclear power finds favor with shadow environment minister
Afghanistan: bleak scene for mujahideen. Arms from abroad help, but better training seen as resistance's key need
Modern Spanish art near the Alps. Small Swiss museum exhibits bold blend of Picasso, Mir'o, Dali
China treads lightly with protesters. Student demonstrations draw criticism - and persuasive tactics
The costs of conflict in the Middle East. Geopolitics ignores human suffering
NBA's established powers face uncertainties, improved foes. Atlanta among frisky, young teams closing league's talent gap
The rehabilitation of Fran,cois Boucher. Paris show tries to redeem 18th-century artist's reputation
US firms moving plants to Mexico. Cheap labor is the pull, but US border region benefits, too
Espy's Mississippi victory. State's 1st black congressman in century breaks barriers
Roots of the Christmas tree
Nurturing peacemakers in preschool classrooms
`The star' lets community spirit shine
The menu was `ants on a log'
Third-world debt raises new concern among first-world banks. `Make do' attitude in early '80s yields to more-radical proposals
US pullouts hurt anti-apartheid groups. Many companies were key supports for South African activists
Human rights in Central America
More `theater of images' from Wilson
Home to Moscow
Church wins appeal in suit over Michigan child's death
On the way home
It's time for a new US Middle East policy
As preliminary probe of `contragate' ends, phase 2 is set to begin. Congress has learned much, but gaps remain for select panels, prosecutor
News In Brief
Many of today's best artists are women, but recognition lags. Evidence found in art centers as well as smaller communities
Cash registers are jingling - but will they next year?
Rubber-faced Jay Leno pulls laughs out of life
Stepping into Christmas Past. You only have to travel as far as Philadelphia to visit Charles Dickens's London, on display at the department store S...
UN reform vote improves prospect of restored US funding. Year marked by financial woes closes with promise of change
Dashing to the snow in a supersonic jet
Auction of medieval `Middleham Jewel' captures 1.3 million