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Monitor Archive for December 2, 1986

A family bound by a common strain. The Kolos
Olympics Pyongyang-style: invective hurling, et al.
The President under siege
Iran crisis tests Reagan leadership. Reagan is being urged by Republicans as well as Democrats to act decisively to restore trust in his presidency...
Teaching a machine to see the houses for the trees
Avoiding the sovereignty issue in the Falklands
Overcoming `substance abuse'
In Paris, even the subway has a glamorous and chic image. Transit authority adopts campaign to boost public use
Soviet journal revives work of banned authors
Reflections on Hopi life. Poet Ramson Lomatewama shares his world through verse
Winter gives S. Korea a political breather. Question is, will the time be used to reach compromise?
Advice about CDs, LPs
In Budapest, young and old join forces to solve housing shortage
The CD surge. How soon will LPs become obsolute?
Most Americans like their jobs, think wages are fair
Do Europeans oppose missile cut? Not really, NATO chief says in interview
Two ways of picturing America
PLO resurgence in Lebanon. Entrenched presence in face of Shiite onslaught poses embarrassing dilemma, challenge for Syria
Will leftist Berkeley edge right? City Council election could move the `People's Republic' in a more moderate direction
Corporate hardball: Tiny US firm fights Japan copier giant. Many American firms say they need a more level playing field to compete with Japan. One...
Baldrige predicts lower trade deficit next quarter
More cracks appear in `nuclear winter' predictions
Where Raisa goes, KGB follows
Myths and images of the American West
How L. L. Bean preserves back-woods appeal amid high-tech
Right in the middle of everything
Presidential test
Traveling to the heart of Australia to gawk at a rock
The ones I saw
Flying to freedom via a Canadian fuel stop. Czechoslovak `vacationers' heading to Cuba defect in Montreal
Poised rookie takes control of Ram offense; Bears clinch
Southern panel presents plan for dispelling economic clouds. Sunbelt states urged to bolster education and update work force
Living in the West Bank
As S. Africa rulers dig in, prospects for reform dim
Boston struggles to clean up `one of the worst harbors in nation'. Potent toxins and a Reagan veto set project back and add to costs
US erred on basics in Iran contacts. Agreeing to arms sales seen as serious miscalculation in age-old game of covert deals
The musical question: What rhymes with Boesky, Poindexter?
Trial of ex-leader tests African nation's ability to follow due process
News In Brief
Greed sank Boesky, but mergers still hint of heroes
Being a good team player could hurt Bush in 1988
Rajiv and Mikhail
Where Mr. Reagan and the law may meet
A walker's commute