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Monitor Archive for December 18, 1986

ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions and Answers.
Cranking up economies. Many East-bloc leaders want more loans from the West and want to lean more toward free-market ways of doing business. But som...
Crime and restitution: the thinking man's justice
News In Brief
Vietnam announces resignation of three longtime leaders
Even with cuts, OPEC has policing snag
Balsams after a blizzard
Free to run. A more compassionate approach to animal husbandry frees chickens and calves from the confinement of factory farms
New US party planned
Build -- and repair
Moral equivalence revisited
Central American refugees find mixed welcome in south Texas. Economic anxiety partly behind resistance to big church shelter
A foreign policy innovator
Live album: new lure for Springsteen fans
Iran-contra: Will it echo in '88? Pollster says Democrats need more than scandal to prevail
Senators cool to immunity. Testimony privilege might stymie prosecutors
Immunity and credibility
Keep score of right, not wrong
China out to revive US capital inflow
New member of the IMF?
Midwestern bowl woes; Paterno a timely `Sportsman' choice
Critic's choice: the 10 best classical recordings of 1986
Mississippi wants freedom from century-old plantation dictates
`Myths' of world hunger. Lack of democracy is enemy, author says
Choosing a Christmas album
Share equality a hot issue in Canada
A brush with the snow
`Toyland' leads off a week of holiday specials
The `gate' poll