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Monitor Archive for December 17, 1986

Helping, not dumping, disruptive pupils. Washington, D.C., school system tries an alternative program
A replay of game in which US's Seirawan defeated Kasparov
Koop battles tobacco firms over hazards to nonsmokers
AWACS vs. Nimrod: British government faces no-win decision. Air Force wants US model, but public wants local product
Debt: a Christmas gift that keeps on giving
News In Brief
Iran `not vulnerable' to Soviet drive. Geography, quick moves by the Pentagon could thwart USSR moves
Pay for public service
Deep in December
Turkey settles for less than it wanted in defense aid from US
Grass-roots group urges plan that goes further than medicaid
Tracing the history of concepts and ideas in modern physics
What happened to freedom in academe?
The child-abuser's admission of guilt
Jury still out on Ryan's rebuilding job; McMahon to Raiders?
On West Bank, feelings run high. Palestinian youth seem agreed on need to confront Israel - through violence or academics
Reagan kept a loose rein. Led to staff overreaching, Turner says
Books to help the bargain-hunter with his collection
Soviet leader ousts prominent critic. Toppling of powerful party boss could boost Gorbachev's reform
A Christmas Eve tradition
A home-grown, Texas Christmas tree
Little Known British tradition - secrecy. Britain, for all its history of democracy, is a very secretive society - the most secret in the Western wo...
Ex-Reagan appointees unite. Former officials plan to back Reagan agenda
Where `children's theater' reaches a consistently high level
`Give my regards to (the traffic on) old Broadway'
Foreign aid: a plus for the US farmer's tally
What would the holiday be without `The Nutcracker' ballet?
Pakistan ethnic violence seen to subside. As troops patrol Karachi, students criticize government leaders
In defense of the civil right to laugh
A family gathering
Is there room for genuine political opposition in tiny Singapore? Opposition member's ouster from Parliament raises some eyebrows
Iranian-Soviet ties warm up a bit - but are still far from cozy. New economic pact serves both economic, geopolitical interests
Tax revision gives extra meaning to seasonal giving this year
Reading the warning signs and averting money problems
Insider role or not, Drexel may see junk-bond strength fading
Environment joins budget at top of Louisiana's problem list. Environment agency's budget, gypsum dumping are hot issues
Union Carbide suit charges Indian negligence
The real issue: helping people, not places
Still life in winter
California vote speeds US drive to make English `official'. Hispanic, civil liberties groups oppose move, question its purpose
Support for the needy
War `along the border'
Yugoslavia's regional rivals wrangle
South Africa: rival lights, rival visions
For the livestock on your list...