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Monitor Archive for December 15, 1986

First taste
With battle further away, Nicaraguans near border can reestablish normal life
MUS'EE D'ORSAY. Paris turns a majestic old railroad station into a spectacular museum
Mexican opposition tests ruling party. Ire over summer's alleged election fraud hasn't diminished
Why Reagan should stick to his `childlike' nuclear plan
Hungarians face up to the `dark side' of Western-style reforms
Scared to open your closet? Organize it with a do-it-yourself kit
States urged to take welfare lead. Report recommends some five years of US-approved pilot programs at the local level to see what reforms might work
Critics demand US shut down Hanford reactor permanently
Safety gains market following. Insider probe, US turmoil playing up quality
The way you say it
Jobs for everyone
Fundamentalism in Egypt military not seen to threaten stability
Iranian arms deals hurt US standing in Arab countries. Some diplomats believe US was doing Israel's bidding
Mi-i-i-ster Speak-e-e-er!
Hungarians increasingly test capitalist waters by buying bonds
Detailing modernism's early stirrings in North America
Bright prospects in Scottish oil country misted over by sag in prices, loss of crew
US farm exports shift toward 3rd world
Greco-Roman Egypt's contribution to the classical world
Speakership: a seat of power
TV becomes nightly, but problematic, fare to many in India. Commercialism, censorship in new TV age worry critics
We share their sidewalks
US pension-insurance agency awash in steel-industry red ink
Integrating the new immigrants. Public schools challenged by influx of third-world children
US-Soviet affairs' upside. Despite disappointment over Reykjavik and Iran-contra flap, relations `still chugging along'
Keeping the trivial trivial in volatile lives of S. Africans
East bloc illegally tried to acquire critical Western technology. USSR most interested in getting equipment to detect US subs
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Contra aid shadow dance
For supercolossal Neiman: movie tie
Rome pulls out all the stops - and falls flat
Suriname's ethnic `crazy quilt'. Rebel insurgency revives nation's traditional focus on ethnic politics
A change of thought
News In Brief
NATO and Northern Ireland
Contras in Honduras: two vantage points. Though angry at Managua, many Hondurans blame contras for starting troubles
Open covenants - a strategy of truth
Sondheim and Lapine take Brothers Grimm tales a step further
Teaching writing, and training teachers to teach writing
Elderly in prison. Life `on the inside' can be difficult for older inmates, and their numbers are likely to grow
A federal `garage sale'?
Ah, Dad: Why do we have to go to that old castle? Can't we stay home and watch TV instead?
Shultz assures NATO: US foreign policy is on track. W. European response: let's get on with `doable' arms control
Democratic centrists plot course for 1988
Today's problems discussed at football Hall of Fame ceremony. Greats from the past also recall moments of glory
Yugoslav youth become new political force