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Monitor Archive for December 1, 1986

Weighing air safety and its costs: an interview with FAA chief
With sensational '86, `Shark' leaves competition in golf wake
Africa needs calculus as well as cookstoves
Surprises on Gorbachev's India trip. Soviet leader concentrates on nation rather than region
Syrians retaliate against W. German sanctions
S. African province proposes blueprint for power-sharing. But approval from national Parliament seen as unlikely
Reagan faces aftershocks of Iran affair
NOW's birthday: sparkling lights, sober issues
Bullish investors shake off insider jitters
More colleges provide summer classes for high school students
Ulster group celebrates 21-year commitment to reconciliation
Record 166 broadcast stations sold
Golden arches amid the onion domes. McDonald's, other Western consumer concerns court USSR
Sampling `Next Wave' in music and dance. Morris's dance: novel, not stuffy
Congressional delegation to NAT0 meeting may have bent law
King holiday hot issue in Arizona
Filipino left's truce strategy
Why superpowers strain over Iran
The role of a college president. Is `fund raiser' displacing traditional `scholar, teacher, leader'?
Palestinians battle for a southern base
Greece, Turkey trade barbs over refugees. Athens claims Turkey encourages Iranians to flee illegally to Greece
US Pacific territories
For this family, theater takes center stage. The McCoys.
Support for today's teachers
Averting financial catastrophe
Van Gogh's later works, now at the Metropolitan, contain some of modernism's crowning glories
Host of PBS's most controversial series would do it all again
Turkey learns to balance secularism and Islam
The sparrows in the hedgerow. Pastoral parable offers nature lore plus suspense
News In Brief
Berlin court deals another blow to Syria
As Africa famine threat recedes, Sudan remains major concern
Britain's Kinnock woos US audiences
Class reunion
Sampling `Next Wave' in music and dance. Art-rock blend of future, past
Continuing education
`First forgotten vets' move toward talks with N. Korea on missing US soldiers
Vote forces Chancellor to form coalition government
Aquino gets her cease-fire
It lurks in your basement, it's a dirty job - but someone's got to do it, right?
A mountain of oncesecret Nixon papers open for public viewing
With the Cambodia resistance. Cambodia's Khmer Rouge are known for their brutality, secretiveness, and suspicion of outsiders. Journalist Robert Kar...
A box of good books
Reform the budget process
Sprouting new words