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Monitor Archive for November 5, 1986

Is US dealing with Iran?
Experts debate just what is the source of global warming trend. Ozone hole and climate changes may be related to sunspot activity
US Savings Bonds lose a bit of interest, but they keep fundamental appeal
French discouraged over hostages' fate. Some question Paris's use of conciliatory Mideast approach
TV DINNER. Food writer Martha Stewart brings holiday cuisine to prime time
Welcome realism on trade
Politicians now look to watershed '88 election. Bush, Hart lead polls, but support called `soft'
Helsinki Watch sees little change in Soviet repression. As diplomats in Vienna review the Helsinki Accords, a human rights group documents ongoing c...
When a little is too much
Reagan is the president of Britain, too
`The Dream Screen': on being female in the 20th century
Voting - and the pricelessness of freedom
Debtor nations get on the financial track. Reforms and belt-tightening make them look better to lenders
Cockburn thinks rock lyrics should have meaning
Iranian power plays reflected in terrorist moves?
Nostalgic baseball talk main course of White House luncheon
Orlov is a man with a mission
Another geological tour with McPhee
Europe Through Anna's eyes. Traveling with a three-year-old is a new way of seeing
Sanding the floor
The new road
TV campaigning: the tail wagging the dog
Karpov was strong in waning `Battle of the Bulge'
Poetry in the Irish tradition. A collection of verses that reconcile historic polarities
Fired up
I'm grateful that I'm grateful
Add a splash of color to a harvest table with cranberries
Europe: beyond the `bean count' of conventional forces
Washington's patience pays off: US ships call at Chinese port. It's US's first China shore leave since USS Dixie called in 1949
Families have difficult role to play in hostage drama
USX has little time to stave off takeover
Tensions mount as contras prepare to crank up war. Rebels say US aid will boost their size and effectiveness
Reactor would make US leader in neutron research
US hopes more moderate Iran will emerge from war. Economic and political pressures squeeze radicals