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Monitor Archive for November 28, 1986

Some money managers find Italy's market too hot to handle
Iran deal clouds future of contra funding
Dad-daughter duo gives sitcom charm
It's all done with dots
Union Carbide stockholders' suits rejected
Israeli role in US-Iran deals spawns two-edged credibility crisis. Questions raised about officials' honesty at home and with US
A memory of home
`Kingdom Chums': kid-vid religion on prime-time network TV
Weinberger's reply
Cable programs chart some new territory
Fiction roundup: new novels by Kotlowitz, Gray, and Moore
`Colorize' me purple
Pitfalls lurk on path to presidency for front-runners Bush, Hart
Getting through the crisis
Political fallout spreads from Iran-contra revelation. Reagan's difficulties not seen as comparable to those faced by some former presidents
Arms shipment to Tehran could enhance next Iranian offensive. Military experts say Iran has doubled its air sorties recently
The lesson of Iran - protect democracy at home
France attempts damage control with Mideast policy
Potent prayer
Both East and West deal in arms with Iran - openly or by proxy
Surviving amid Peru's guerrilla war. Peasants seek to rebuild lives in war-torn villages
Agenda for world trade
Quick study under way on nuclear-missile ban
Philip Glass woos rock fans with `crossover' style
Helping students learn how to listen
450th anniversary of the Reformation: Geneva festival is an ecumenical affair
Despite debate, Schmidt and Clemens deserved MVP awards
Carlos Fuentes
Author with a world of words
US confronts broad diplomatic fallout
Just the way it is
The journey
Legislators cut a loophole in Bay State conflict-of-interest law
Europe fears rudderless Reagan administration. Looks to Shultz to steady the course
Austrian government faces uncertain future
S. Africa fears more pullouts and lost jobs after Barclays retreat
Political fallout spreads from Iran-contra revelation. Lawmakers - Republican and Democrat - push for more control over foreign policy
Iranians prove effective lobbyists in UN human rights debate
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
White House: more power shifts in offing?
Sound-weaver tells media secrets
Latest Benning films show new strengths
Farm cooperative banks look to secede from credit system. Managers, stockholders disagree on next moves
Enriching the lives and spirits of their children. The Pearsons.
Despite relief over survival, Goodyear chief fumes at debt load
Voyager's Neptune flyby - threading a needle in the cosmos. Vast distances, few guide points test NASA's navigational team