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Monitor Archive for November 18, 1986

West Berlin trial spotlights alleged Syrian terror role
Looking the part
The arms-for-hostages exchange. Mismatch between words and deeds
Children in limbo - some wait years for a stable, loving home
Assessing the Iran initiative
Inner-city youths in D.C. get hands-on training in citizenship. They work with `real life' adult counterparts to learn politics, issues
U.K. speeds insider crackdown. Cousin of Boesky case a test for self-regulation
Few white-collar criminals are sentenced to more than a year in jail
`Real talks' of S. Asian summit go on outside ceremonial halls
Richard Henry Dana Jr. rounds the Horn
A march on poverty provides dramatic material for black acting ensemble
Reading between rhetorical lines
The battle over birth control - Contraceptives in schools. DuSable clinic at heart of controversy.
Call for oil import fee grows louder
Two books depict women in black America and Colonial era
Future US space explorations at stake in comet flyby proposal
Pushing contra war into Nicaragua tests US envoy to Honduras. Keeping Honduran military and public support key to his success
When inner-city poverty pulls families apart
Revamped Cornell has climbed Ivy, now seeks first-ever title
Beyond theory to reality: Can the world disarm?
A refreshing retreat in the midst of bustling Hong Kong
Corruption in cities prompts more action. New York case shows need for code of ethics
Finding buttons and bones in Colonial Fort Laurens, Ohio
The Iran operation - `... a little inept'
Serving newly-legal aliens will be costly for localities. Federal funds will help, but no one knows scope of problem
Assassination reports turn spotlight on secretive N. Korea
Democrats gain clout on foreign policy
Movement toward the center
My sister's sloop
Volunteer `shovel bums' really dig buried history. Archaeology buffs help to excavate Ohio outpost
Countries jump on tax-reform bandwagon. International trend toward lower tax rates prompted by desires for faster growth and greater corporate inves...
Albania pursues its own version of `openness' policy
Many teens see motherhood as their only source of fulfillment
Boesky drops the reins of British trust
Reagan's road ahead
Fighting for No. 2 slot
Preventing frozen water pipes
`Astrid, have you been keeping my place at rain-flowered farm?'
The peril and the promise