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Monitor Archive for October 6, 1986

Bonn on summit: approval with reservations. Germans concerned with locations of, limits on nuclear arms
Wall Street world is turning so fast that clock replaces calendar
Getting the story straight
Government split over sanctions
Mazrui: `My life is one long debate'
Zia tops Pakistan's political triangle . . . as Junejo faces criticism and Bhutto battles party disunity
From actress to lawyer to tax reformer
Speaking for teacher `professionalism'
African scholar's interpretation of Africa raises hackles
`Steady as she goes' outdoes `full speed' for world's wary helmsmen
Summit vital to Gorbachev's home agenda. Arms deal could free funds for Soviet domestic reforms
Chilly US-Sweden relations show signs of rapid thaw. Growing speculation that Swedish leader will visit US
More women running for higher offices. Geraldine Ferraro lost, but she may have ignited a trend
`Peggy Sue Got Married': Francis Coppola's got a winner
Baptist lobbyists earn congressional respect
Why 100,000 white Rhodesians never left Zimbabwe. It may be frustrating, but it's home
Met begins much-awaited `Ring' cycle with `Die Walk"ure'
Grandmothers of the `disappeared'. The search goes on for children who vanished during Argentina's military rule
Pretoria not cowed by US sanctions. Sanctions expected to hurt, but not challenge S. Africa's military and economic power in region
In Britain, railway pensioners own rare books and Monets. A glimpse at the British Rail Pension Fund's distinguished and varied art collection
Playing the China card
W. Bank Palestinians differ on Jordan's higher profile in area
Rehnquist era may mean new course for high court
Opinion, page 20
New version of hi-fi electronics creates din in the industry
Alabama GOP makes inroads as gubernatorial race gets nasty
National GOP puts big effort into saving Nevada Senate seat
Moroccan encounter
Solidarity: out of hiding and into the spotlight
Study of the `deeply poisonous rancor that is anti-Semitism'
News In Brief
For flutes
Art with respect for nature; new works at the Whitney
Populace boom strains Mexico City's resources. 40 to 50 million people by century's end means more traffic, smog, noise
Of ethics and `info-tech'. Are opportunities for knowledge becoming obligations?
Louisiana's sanctions appear to deter hiring of illegal aliens. As state exacts employer fines, fewer illegals able to find work
Spiritual views and God's goodness at hand
A decade of protest and struggle to find Argentina's missing children
A federal era ends. For 14 years federal revenue-sharing has helped big cities and tiny communities across the nation. Now it is over, the victim of...
Confidence building in Stockholm: small steps
Possible IMF heir airs mostly upbeat view