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Monitor Archive for October 31, 1986

The Emily Dickinson lilies
Rose Bird's trial by ballot fascinates US. California chief justice is in vortex of national debate on death penalty
The sky's the limit in Massachusetts campaign financing
Espionage and human rights
Of poets, astronomers, and the man in the moon
The Wright stuff
Want to write a play?
When a nice boy from the suburbs visits the USSR
Farm policy tries to dig out from grain surplus. New program's effect will be felt by other food-exporting nations
For underwriters, property and liability crisis may be over
Mideast back in spotlight with London verdict
Picking up the pieces after Iceland
Jets join Bears and Broncos in NFL cockpit at halfway mark
California Senate race could have a plot twist. Peripheral factors may tip outcome against Cranston
Sign the bill, Mr. Reagan
Iceland arms offers are still high on Soviet agenda
Two prizewinning films begin to appear in US. Tarkovsky's `Sacrifice,' 18th-century `Mission'
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers
Honduran islands to be used for rebel attacks against Nicaragua
US consumer buying has remained brisk, surprising economists
The harsh and somber world of P.D. James
Some disillusionment sets in as India's Gandhi reaches 2-year mark
Crime: Americans are fighting back at crime; but what about its roots?
When my father drinks water
Going to bat for minorities in the media
Indian summer
`Nature' and Audubon turn lenses on Gal'apagos wildlife
Hussein takes steps to ensure Jordan's survival
Election debates: issue forums or image makers? Candidates try to embarrass rivals in 30 seconds
What baptism does
Ligneous art
Mozambicans' markets are full but their pockets are empty
September graduation
A Japanese chill nips Silicon Valley. Buying stakes in US chipmakers has market strategists worried
Americans and Russians continue to practice citizen diplomacy. Visits to USSR tripled from '80 to '85, continue to increase
Adult students go back for more. Debate over junior colleges aims at more rigorous courses
Saudi move could boost oil prices. Ouster of oil minister paves the way for shift in oil policies
Comsat technology may cut satellite costs. But cost of adapting existing ground systems called a `trade-off'
Ominous rumblings in the Philippines
Julie Taymor: giving theater a touch of cross-cultural whimsy