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Monitor Archive for October 3, 1986

OPEC tie-in sought by Alberta; fresh clout for cartel seen
The tasters
White House deception? `Disinformation' to undercut Qaddafi harms US credibility
`Dancing in the Dark' from Canada
Community caring extends concept of `family'
Books that last for children
News In Brief
Public Document No. 1
Iran's Khomeini: inspiration to many S. Lebanese Shiites. Radicals vow to battle Israel; mainstream Amal prefers stability
LUMBERJACKS. The spirit of Paul Bunyan lives at events like the New England Lumberjack Championships, where today's woodsmen perform prodigious feat...

E. Europe would have mixed reaction to superpower thaw
Freeze frames
OPEC produces curb on output that appears to be cheat-proof
Self-interest is shelved in library cleanup
Korean quest for American roots
Four war veterans on a new `front line'. Their goal: avoid another Vietnam in Central America
Airlines getting fewer, fares going higher
KAL 007 aftermath mismanaged, author says
Delay likely for Shultz's southern Africa trip
Hampers plucks cobwebs off Massachusetts treasurer's race
Dumpster d'ecor. One person's trash is another's treasure in the serious business of city street scrounging
Portraits of `Ike'
Daily life in 19th-century France. Illuminating social history
Blacks ready to endure hardship to end apartheid. In interview, ANC official says group wants to talk with US
Deadpan look at the British. Snooker centers, convents, clubs and pubs.
Brutal tale of life in Italian slums. A `camera' on street hoods.
Now in paper
The legacy of `Amos and Andy'. Blacks in TV, radio, film
Each stone
Turkish-Cypriot chief seeks `partnership' with island's Greeks
European left's stand on defense worries NATO. Opposition push for nuclear disarmament is sending up a red flag
British Labour vote tests NATO. West Europe's left is restive. Opposition parties are urging cuts in or elimination of nuclear forces. NATO is worri...
A rich miscellany on the Emerald Isle. Superlative essays
Gramps knew rocks
One singer staying true to her individuality
Staub: Colleges must develop more service-minded students
Liability lawyer works for air-passenger rights. John Kennelly is well known in the legal offices of airlines worldwide
Needy Nigeria wins a line of credit it's turning its back on
Three TV specials go head to head Sunday
The case for a GOP Senate
Polish leader faces tough choices over Solidarity. For now, Jaruzelski seems to want to ignore the union
Eyes on `Ike' in the Reagan era
Would you wave to her?