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Monitor Archive for October 28, 1986

Remember, we've got the secret ballot
Avant-garde theater gets a lift from a new talent. Jesurun stands out among experimenters using mixed media to revitalize stage
SDI debate spills over into elections. Republicans rush to defend it, Democrats hate to gainsay it
Can Gorbachev woo Japan? Don't overlook the other superpower summit
Sharing the writing process
Business highlights
A man for all media has a dream come true
Irish premier's mounting political problems. He faces criticism for handling of economy, signing Anglo-Irish accord
Seattle-to-Boston trade definitely agreed with two Sox stars
Driving up productivity. When it opens, GM's secretive Saturn plant in Tennessee will have state-of-the-art technology. Equally `futuristic' managem...
Tabard Inn: perfect for `power' people
Los Angeles mayor locked in uphill struggle for governorship
Fresh opportunities
Timekeepers fall back
Suburban traffic piles up. Private companies and developers join towns to cut rush-hour crunch
Richard Wilbur -- and Moli`ere -- on being frank
News In Brief
Avant-garde theater gets a lift from a new talent. His new play packs surprises
America's election season: How deep is the protest?
Warnings on terrorism: from the West to Damascus
Douglas Fraser
A `crazy' idea that has prompted some useful investigation
The terrific paleolithic
Image of Britain's Conservative Party marred by a new scandal
Fate of French hostages in Lebanon makes Paris reluctant to break with Damascus
Older Americans urged to tell candidates of their concerns
A labor leader whose sights are high1
When painting takes a bow
In election run-up, Taiwan sees greater pluralism -- within limits. For first time, ruling party expected to face competition at polls
No recession fears, but economists lower their growth forecasts
The flawed innocence of SDI
Britain's Syrian moves: hard act for Europe to follow. Diverse political, economic interests make a joint European anti-terror policy difficult
In wake of Japanese industry: the banks. Industrial beachhead in US brings on cash-laden institutions