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Monitor Archive for October 24, 1986

Aquino's balancing act
To open an object wrapped in cellophane
Temple's amazing `compact' racks up yardage; Eagles soaring
Bolstering the Philippines
Washington maps better road for welfare
A whole new world of COLOR
Enrique Sotelo for the defense. Nicaraguan lawyer for Hasenfus is experienced in law and politics
Getting down to earth after Iceland summit
Iran's relations with some neighbors ease -- a bit. Arab Gulf states aim to prevent escalation of Iran-Iraq conflict
Spy wars: 80-10
Of populism and Reagan coattails. Republican roots may not run too deep in the soil of the South
Want to campaign at a shopping mall? That may be illegal. Some state legislatures taking up the issue of free speech at malls
A suspense novel that may have pushed too far
Fresh advice
Israel's new leader
The rewards for doing nothing
The post-Reykjavik blues. Superpower posturing works against arms agreement
Final-exam time for Senate freshmen
Test allows adults (10 million so far) to earn equivalent of high school diploma
Bumper stickers, ads allow South Africans a public voice
Sports fervor: part of Boston tradition
Chinese and Soviets, eager for strong ties, court Southeast Asia. China seems to have the edge on political, economic fronts
Assessing a jump in junk bond defaults
`Industrial strength' schooling. Private colleges might learn a few things from corporate education
Cineprobe: showcase for unusual films
As Maine as lobster
Continuing ed sheds its second-class image
Aquino-Enrile truce holds -- for now
`Basic training' helps workers get rehired
US carmakers paying the piper for low-interest sales come-ons
Water helps Lesotho-Pretoria ties bud
Japan airport project: getting contracts will be tough for US firms
Broadway shouting `Ol'e!' over flamenco
Mrs. Aquino came -- and conquered
On the proper care and feeding of hummingbirds
New Americans from Gonzales to Lee learn English, shopping
At the plate and behind it, Carter a leader of comeback Mets
You can outlive blight
Soviets lose `best and brightest' of spy corps
New shows aim to help handymen and cooks
US spending appears to be in decline, but meeting '87 goal is iffy