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Monitor Archive for October 23, 1986

The economic engine that can
Signs of cracks in Greece's political left. Socialist-Communist rift could stymie Papandreou austerity plan
Why Janie can't (or won't) add. Math and science still look intimidating to girls; teachers want to do something about it
Botswana cobbles together success. Shoemaker's triumph highlights nation's potential
Conservationists seek help of world religions
Scientists lining up for and against Reagan's `star wars'. Politics intrudes on missile defense research
Mr. Kohl comes calling
Opulent TV drama traces Wagner's career and personal life
Hungary: 30 postwar years
Dallas resounds with rowdy, clever `Noises Off'
Japan's `technopolis' idea
OPEC pact indicates that oil industry can come out of its tailspin
Washington holds its breath as events unfold in Mozambique. With Machel gone, US hopes for stability and move toward the West
A shipwrecked philosopher
Southern Africa eyes Pretoria-linked Mozambique rebels closely
The US-Soviet SDI debate: what it's all about
Morse nodded at the animals
Wanted: pianists who really understand Franz Liszt's music
ASK THE GARDENERS. Questions & Answers.
Soviets blast US but arms offer holds
Joffrey Ballet stages new version of a rustic farce. `La Fille Mal Gard'ee' romps to a happy ending
Real estate developers go after Indian land near big cities
Justice Department outlines crackdown on porn
Nervous NATO allies seek US assurance on superpower arms deal. Europeans caution against attempt to `decouple' their defense from US
Lower dollar and interest rates help GNP perk up. But rate of growth still falls below White House projection
Air force
S. Africa unbowed by divestment. US firms' retreat may harden Pretoria's go-it-alone mood
Race for US Senate seat in Colorado an ideological tug of war
Wit and mystery
Some ideas for HALLOWEEN
Dykstra is baseball's new Mr. October; ironies spice Series
Balancing work and family. Post-maternity leave layoffs prompt court action
They kept her out to protect the American people
Brazilian bind: debt payment vs. growth
`An understanding heart'
Carwash zoo