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Monitor Archive for October 21, 1986

Munich teems with history, beauty, and fun
Miami enjoying its own City Ballet
A hard act to follow
Civil war, locusts compound Sudan's food crisis
Mets and Sox fans cheer their guys in `shuttle' World Series
Black education: microcosm of S. African politics. Blacks reject government aim of seperate but equal schooling
South African plays bid for US audience -- and understanding
SSWDs: Made in the USA
Shamir sworn in as new Israeli premier. Hardline leader brings changed tone, emphasis to Mideast issues
Fuse is lit in London's `City'
If you drive a car, you should know how to change a tire
Congress, free at last
Escaping to `Tuxedo Park'
IBM's remarkable tap dance is on hold. Profit comeback forecast in '87, but former dominance in doubt
Concern over possible Sino-Soviet thaw prompts US-Mongolia talks
A one-to-one man. Mayor of Flint, Mich. Facing crime and racial unrest, the city's tough but tender mayor uses a personal touch and an on-the-scenes...
`Microscopic' thread links Nobel Prizes. Small-scale observations yield insights that range to the cosmic
Where eagles stare . . . and photographers shoot
US gets tough on import of softwood from Canada
Like a soap opera, Iceland summit hints at episodes to come
Europe heats up its war on drugs
Britain welcomes the Bolshoi Ballet while US waits its turn
`Workfare' problem: people with jobs still live in poverty
`He didn't blink'
Surplus corn might be used to make plastics that are biodegradable
UN questions if use of force would bolster hand of its keepers of peace
New opportunities at the Fed
Dilemma for US on Soviet expulsions. US wants to show resolve, yet sustain progress evidenced by dissident releases
Stunned Mets must win twice in Boston to avert historic upset
Debate over doing industrial work at home heats up again. Labor girds for battle as Secretary Brock sets out to repeal US ban
Edith Wharton on high society
East German leader can expect a warm welcome in Peking. Visit could show where Sino-Soviet ties headed
Counteracting suicide
Life imitating art?
Proposed cities do more with less