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Monitor Archive for October 20, 1986

`Star wars': Might there yet be common ground?
Televisi'on ads with Spanish accent: a hot mover
Stopping decay of nation's books
S. Africa's education for blacks: a bleak landscape
NASA: a regard for safety
Rhodesia's sanctions experience: poor guide for South Africa? Internal unrest seen as key difference in Pretoria's case
Pack-and-Prime Lane revisited
`Roaratorio' opens Next Wave Festival
What happened, and why, at 1919 peace conference in Paris
Under the cloak of new mores, a new abuse of women
Questions mount as Hasenfus trial starts in Managua. Chief issue for Hasenfus's defense: fairness of trial
UNESCO's search for Mr. Right
Skewed production of `Med'ee' opens Florence season
Leadership change at UNESCO could polish its image. But US, Britain seek wider changes before rejoining
Hopeful outlook on arms, but tough bargaining ahead
Inventions that changed our world
Umbrella dance
Peace Prize for Holocaust survivor
`Be the oil'
Questions mount as Hasenfus trial starts in Managua. Despite US denials, doubts raised that supply operation can work without CIA
Congress leaves for the year. Some historic bills passed, but deficit has yet to be handled
Behind Iron Curtain, two voices vie. Poles symbolize dichotomy of individualism, communist orthodoxy
Taurus: Ford took a bull by the horns
Press briefings in the British manner
Craftsmanship that never changes
Counting America's homeless. Political controversy surrounds efforts to number the destitute
Nobel economics winner focuses on government self interest
Bridge Concert: big benefits from a low profile
A major retrospective helps in evaluating his possible greatness
On our own
Blacks in business, blacks in the sciences. Choosing community or career.
Answers for the homeless
My child loves the rain
Alliances to encourage young black scientists
Superfund clears way for cleanup of worst hazardous waste sites