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Monitor Archive for October 2, 1986

Gorbachev's gains. Toughness on Daniloff case should strengthen Soviet leader at home
From necessity, rustic invention. When he had nothing left, Clarence Nichols furnished his house from branches of cedar. Now his craftsmanship is re...
Unmistakable momentum
GOP stock rises in Florida's volatile political climate. Party surge puts governorship, legislative gains, within reach
Aquino gets tough on communists. Philippine President applauds capture of alleged rebel leader
Departing Soviet dissident: intellectual able to talk to peasants
Banks spring for new third-world loans.
The Korean Peninsula's sports wars
S. Africa: black split on sanctions persists. President Reagan's clash with Congress over sanctions against South Africa is mirrored in the views of...
The mushroom man
The mushroom hunters
GENETIC ENGINEERING. Genetically engineered products for pharmacy and farm are hitting the market. But the surge in new wares isn't expected until t...
Gray days
Trouble in Blackpool
Eye-opening `Medea' from Japan
Raposo writing Broadway shows for families
State Department sees no conflict in tobacco donation. Treaty Room suite features tobacco motif
Britain's man of destiny
Will Supreme Court decisions halt the death-penalty gavel?
New York corruption trial: inside look at patronage politics. Government's `star witness' describes kickback schemes
Smith follows a tough act at Navy; Colorado chasing first win
Mexico's new bailout greeted with caution by some at home
Congress pressure and the Iceland summit
Does history of Asian communists hold lesson for Filipino rebels? Aquino `bridge building' policy challenges their Maoist strategy
Confident driving
Opera on Malcolm X -- a stunning success
Evacuation plans stymie A-plant builders. Should escape be considered before or after construction?
Humane, caring portrait of people in a troubled homeland
An exit door for US involvement in Nicaragua?
The care and feeding of backyard birds
Stevenson gets campaign for Illinois governor back on track
Volunteers help crime victims in a model assistance program