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Monitor Archive for October 17, 1986

Future of computers in communication
Real estate shelters survive, more or less
NEW MECCAS OF DESIGN. Large and small cities play host to sophisticated design emporiums
Women making their mark in many 1984 elections. In Oregon, used to women officeholders, gender may even help a proven woman hopeful
Arms control dependent on testing guidelines, interpretation. What does term `laboratory research' mean for SDI development?
Amid debris of Reykjavik lurks new beginning for arms control
Timely support for El Salvador
50-part harmony
To buy or rent your home? It's more than a matter of money
Fighting for an education
God's direction--always right
Bank of America attracts wider interest. Citicorp, No. 1, may want all or part of No. 2
The last town bench
Venezuela's '87 budget slashes the role of oil
When other lands twist arms on Hill
Responsibility of toxic-waste cleanup is moving to the states. Ballot questions in N.Y. and N.J. call for cleanup funds
Don't cash in on your stocks just to nail down '86 tax break
Listening to the animals
Aquino's 1st major land reform plan. Plan, simple in design, could be tough to implement
On `Masterpiece Theatre' -- `Paradise Postponed'
Republican roots grow in South. Party makes strides in gubernatorial races
There will still be places to run for shelter, including new ones
Take a little air
Women making their mark in many 1984 elections. Gender a non-issue in Nebraska's all-woman race
Mouse house
Heidelberg's 600th
Big sister
Home-equity loans lose some appeal with tax reform, but they remain good
Soviets say summit proposals on SDI, arms form single package
A quick cut in interest rates can boost economy, says Kaufman
Superpower arms accord: quite close?
Now is the time for the greening of your home
Visit to a one-room schoolhouse. The desks may be old-fashioned, but the computers are up to date
Kirk Douglas: `I was always independent'
Government by whim
Democrats likely to tighten grip on House
Israeli-PLO tit for tat. Israel hits Palestinian camp in retaliation for grenade attack on Israeli troops
Canada to open door to more immigrants. Influx could help offset a declining and aging population
Hints of reform on Taiwan
Abortion funding, private-school aid heat up Bay State ballot
New heroes, old rivals on the way to World Series